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Slope Detector Complete System 518 0110
Part #: 518-0110

Slope Detector Complete System


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The Slope Detector Helps Avoid Costly and Dangerous Tip Overs.

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Product Description

The all new Slope Detector IV is the latest in tip over warning device technology. These guys did not have one.

With the all new Slope Detector IV level sensor mounted to the rear axle and the control unit mounted in the cab, you will be warned if there is an out of level condition and the hoist will be shut down automatically.

Easy to program with just the turn of a key, the system can be set to stop the hoist if the trailer tips more than you preset the limit to. The hoist can then be lowered and the trailer repositioned to a level position. The operator cannot override the setting once the key is removed. The cab unit displays both lights and warning sounds to alert the driver of unlevel conditions even while looking in the rear view mirror and backing up.

New PLC Technology

The sensor unit is attached to the rear axle and the cab unit is mounted in the cab. The signal from the sensor unit is resident in the truck’s electrical system. This eliminates the need for a plug between the tractor and trailer. If each trailer and tractor of a fleet are fitted with Slope Detectors, you can hook up any tractor with any trailer.

Additional Information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in