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Part #: 116-3017

X-Pando™ (Semi-Automatic) System

As part of the PROTECTOR product line, the X-PANDO was engineered to protect your tarping system fiercely, while also keeping your wallet in mind. We utilized super durable Galvanized Steel to manufacture the housing. Where the X-PANDO systems shine are in their ability be expand their width from 78” all the way to 102” to cover as many different truck widths possible.

The M-Series is a semi-automatic “pull-style” system that relies on an internal spring to hold back-tension on the roller tube to prevent the tarp from “sailing” while you are driving down the road at highway speeds. The X-PANDO also employs our proprietary ratcheting system. This allows the user to add or remove spring tension, effectively increasing or decreasing the amount of back-tension on the tarp and roller tube for those longer length applications.

The X-PANDO can roll up and store up to 30’ of tarp.


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