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Tarp Expert Program

Welcome to the Pulltarps Truck Tarp Expert Program

By just answering the questions below you will know more about tarping and become a Pulltarps Tarp Expert too. Just fill in the blanks with the best answers from the drop down menus, or follow the links to find the information you want in detail.

Once you complete the Pulltarps Truck Tarp Expert Program below with the correct answers you be emailed a Certification Code. We’ll contact you to confirm your Code and will send you your Tarp Expert Package right away. If you don’t receive your code after filling out the form, give us a call at (1-800-368-3075) or email [email protected].

1. Can I install this system myself? There is nothing that is terribly complex about installing our tarping systems. We supply easy to follow and hotline telephone technical support so you can install the systems yourself or have your local truck repair or welding shop do it for you. Normally our systems take only hours to install.

2. What tools are required to install a tarp system? Basic hand tools and a are all that is required for most installations.

3. How do I replace my tarp? Basically tarp replacement is the same for manual, arm, electric, or tower systems. The tarp must be fully extended and all must be removed. (The roller is pinned on manual Pulltarps to hold the tension and the arms are removed from the pull bar on automatic arm systems.) The tarp can then slide out of the groove in the roller tube, pull bar or pullrod. A new tarp is installed in the reverse steps. Tarps for cable bow systems can be removed by unbolting the tarp and sliders from the bows. Then pull the bows out of the sliders and slide the tarp off of the bows. The new tarp installs in the reverse of this procedure. Complete instructions can be found on our web site under the Tech Info tab, Or just call us at (800) 368-3075.

4. Can I use Pulltarps as replacements for other systems? Pulltarps tarps fit most competitive systems for construction, asphalt, or waste systems. Please visit our order form page, fill out the form that pertains to your system and either email or fax it to us. We will contact you promptly to confirm your application needs. Or just call us at (800) 368-3075.

5. What material of tarps can Pulltarps offer me? We offer heavy duty mesh, . Coated fabrics for asphalt applications, 18 oz. vinyl for waterproof applications and extra thick woven mesh for waste hauling operations.

6. Where will my order ship from? This depends on which part of the country or world you live in. We have shipping hubs in Southern California, regions.

7. What do you recommend for peaked loads? Pulltarps' patented is a simple solution to keeping your pull rod from digging and hanging up in heaped loads when using a manual Pulltarp. Manual Arms and Automatic Electric Arm Systems are an even easier solution to covering peaked loads, especially, when your load is tree branches, shrubbery, construction demo or large rock.

8. How do Pulltarps’ side flap tarps work? Pulltarps patented Side Flap System works from the and is a lot safer than climbing up on the vehicle to tie down the load. Click here, to understand how side flaps work.

9. Do you have a hand crank arm system? We use System Kits that do not require a hand crank to operate. Pulltarps does offer hand cranks to operate on our Cable systems.

10. Does Pulltarps have tarps for boats, bunkers, or lumber? We do have for flatbed trailers and throw tarps for general purposes.

11. I can’t get out of my truck on this job. Do you have anything that I can operate from the cab? Yes. We offer the line of electric controls for Automatic Electric Arm and Cable Systems with electric drive. We have two different types of Smart Switches that have a switch in the cab and a Smart Switch with wireless remote control. Wireless Remote Smart Switches are easy to install because there is no switch to wire and only four wires to connect. Wireless remote Smart Switches ship completely assembled and programmed ready to install. Unique transmitter codes do not interfere with other remote devices and can be operated from up to 150 feet away. Wireless Remote Smart Switches have an external manual switch on the control unit for backup.

12. Do the Pulltarps’ motors work with other systems? Yes. Our motors have a standard xx that is common in the industry.

13. Pulltarps® manufacturing has been providing the trucking industry with safe and reliable solutions to their truck tarping needs since . We invented the spring return truck tarp system to make tarping quicker, easier and safer than ever before.

14. Pulltarp® Systems are fully upgradeable to electric drive, manual arms, or automatic arms. These truck tarp systems are great for all applications and are the most economical solution to your tarping needs!

15. What does the NO BS Double Guarantee cover? 30 Day “NO BS” Satisfaction Guarantee: You have 30 days from the date of delivery to install your first and try it. If you wish to return it for any reason, you may by calling (800) 368-3075 and getting a return authorization number anytime within that 30 days. Ultimate Aluminum Systems are excluded from this offer. We will even pay the charges to ship it back! You risk nothing! No BS!

16. Why is a welded housing better than a bolt together design? Super Shield housings are made of 12 gauge steel that is welded for maximum .

17. What are the stock housing widths? 80”, 84”, 87”, 89”, and 100” Ultimate Aluminum housings are not available in 100”.

18. What gauge material are the super shield and universal super shields made from? gauge

19. Can I move a Pulltarps System easily from truck to truck? When a manual Pulltarp or Pulltarp Electric Arm System is installed it is bolted to or brackets that are welded to the body. Additionally, manual Pulltarps use tarp return ramps that are welded to the box as well as rope hooks. The housing can simply be unbolted and removed if it becomes damaged from a loader or if you want to move it to a new truck. Replacement mounting bars, return ramp hardware kit or pivot mounts for arm systems can be purchased separately.

20. To what length are the 4 spring assemblies recommended? feet

21. To what length are the single spring assemblies recommended? feet with steel arms and 40 feet with aluminum arms.

22. What are the advantages of a single cable design over twin cable design? Pulltarps’ single cable design is the biggest improvement in front to back cable systems since their beginning over 20 years ago. The single cable design completely , because the bows are all attached to the same cable. This makes it impossible for the bows to become misaligned.

23. What are the benefits of the new tear drop pull bar? All Pulltarps’Automatic Arm sets come standard with Pulltarps Double Wrap Teardrop Technology. A process where the Hem Tube slides into the Universal Teardrop Pullbar and the tarp the bar twice in order to eliminate bunching and the stress on the stitching The Urethane Bumpers are then fastened to the pullbar. This keeps the tarp centered and reduces noise.

24. What is the time frame of the product shipping? for most products.