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Pulltarps® Truck Tarps are “Simply The Best” Manual Arm, Automatic Arm, and Front to Back Cable Truck Tarping Systems for the Commercial Trucking Industry

Since 1989, Pulltarps® manufacturing has been providing the trucking industry with safe and reliable solutions to their truck tarping needs. When we say Pulltarps products are “Simply The Best” it’s because from day one our truck tarp quality and durability has been superior to our competition. We invented the Pulltarp® spring return truck tarp system to make tarping quicker, easier and safer than ever before.

Tarp Tamer Bow for Automatic Arm Systems

We offer a full line of Manual Arm Systems, Automatic Arm Systems, and Front to Back Cable Systems. So no matter what type of truck or trailer you have and no matter what type of material you haul, Pulltarps has a truck tarp system for you.

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