About Pulltarps

The History of Pulltarps

Pulltarps® was founded in September of 1990 by Lynn Chenowth. At the time, Lynn was known for Chenowth Racing and his development of the Chenowth Fast Attack Vehicles used in the Kuwait war. Early that year, Chenowth was approached by a friend who owned a local trucking company about a tarping system without arms. Soon after, the original Pull Tarp spring-return truck tarping system was born.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike many truck tarp companies, Pulltarps products are manufactured at our location in El Cajon, California. Because Pulltarps manufactures all aspects of the system, customization is a quick and easy process. We have built our reputation on providing innovative dump truck tarp systems and because we manufacture in the United States, we guarantee a durable and high quality product.




Pulltarps "No BS" Double Guarantee

Pulltarps is proud of our “NO BS” Satisfaction Guarantee. You have 30 days from the date of delivery to install your first manual “pullout type tarping system” and try it. If you wish to return it for any reason, we will even pay the charges to ship it back! You risk nothing! No BS!


“Pulltarps is a great company to work with – their sales staff is very professional with excellent product knowledge. And they always ship when they say they will. Their product is the best.”

–Schloth Truck Equipment Company