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Pulltarps Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I install this Pulltarps Tarping System myself or do I need to bring it to a Service Center?
If you need to have a Tarping System installed and don’t have the ability to do it on your own, you can use our Locate A Service Center page locate an approved Service Center in your area. We also provide detailed instructions and telephone tech support, so you can install the systems yourself or have your local truck repair or welding shop do it for you. Our customer service department is happy to answer any questions.

2. How hard is it to install a Tarping System?
That depends on your technical and mechanical abilities. Pulltarps provides all of our tarp system technical documents and easy-to-follow instructions. We have found that most people who have difficulty installing the system did not read the instructions until they had a problem. Normally our systems take only a few hours to install.

3. How do I replace my tarp?
Basically tarp replacement is the same for manual, arm, electric, or tower systems. The tarp must be fully extended and all tension must be removed. (The roller is pinned on manual Pulltarps to hold the tension and the arms are removed from the pull bar on automatic arm systems.) The tarp can then slide out of the groove in the roller tube, pull bar or pullrod.

A new tarp is installed in the reverse steps. Tarps for cable bow systems can be removed by unbolting the tarp and sliders from the bows. Then pull the bows out of the sliders and slide the tarp off of the bows. The new tarp installs in the reverse of this procedure.

Complete instructions can be found on our website under the Technical Documents. Or just call us at (800) 368-3075. Ordering a replacement tarp is easy if you purchased a Pulltarps tarp. On the inside front of the tarp there is an individualized part number created just for you. Call us with that number and we can duplicate your tarp exactly.

Your new tarp can ship out in 48 hours with instructions that pertain to your specific system. Of course, we can always make a replacement tarp from scratch to your dimensions.

4. Can I use Pulltarps tarps with my systems?
Pulltarps tarps can fit most competitive systems for construction, asphalt, waste or railway transportation systems. Please visit our Build-A-Tarp page to create the perfect sized tarp for your vehicle. Or just call us at (800) 368-3075.

5. What material of tarps can Pulltarps offer me?
We offer heavy duty mesh, Urethane Coated fabrics for asphalt applications, 18 oz. vinyl for waterproof applications and extra thick woven mesh for waste hauling operations. See all replacement tarps.

6. Do you have a Roll Over/Side Roll system?
Not at this time, but our our sister company, Roll Rite, has Roll Over or Side Roll tarp systems.

7. What is the time-frame for product shipping?
Depending on the size of the order, Pulltarps orders normally ship within 1 to 3 days. Some custom tarp systems can take longer to manufacture. Please contact our Customer Service department if you need an expedited order.

8. How long will it take to receive my order?
There are many variables for shipping time frames. The type of system(s), sizes, destination, etc. Generally, you will receive your order within 2 to 5 days. We ship from our manufacturing and sales office in El Cajon, California.

9. Does Pulltarps have a dealer in my specific area?
We have dealers in most parts of the country. Please call us, (800) 368-3075 for the most current dealers in your area or locate a truck tarping dealer who performs installations by entering your zip code.

10. Which Pulltarps system(s) are watertight?
Roll over or side to side tarp systems are the only design that can be called “watertight”. However, tarps made with side flaps from asphalt tarp material and 18 oz. vinyl provide good protection from rain.

11. Do Pulltarps’ tarps work with other manufacturer’s systems?
Our tarps can be used with other brands of tarp systems. See #4

12. How do the electric systems work?
Electric Pulltarps® Systems are designed for longer applications where spring tension alone is not enough to return the tarp. The electric motor feeds the tarp out as you pull and then retracts the tarp back in. For more information please click here.

13. What do you recommend for peaked loads?
Pulltarps’ patented Load Climber is a simple solution to keeping your pull rod from digging and hanging up in heaped loads when using a manual Pulltarp. Manual and Automatic Electric Arm systems are an even better solution to covering peaked loads. Especially, when your load is tree branches, shrubbery, construction demo or large rock.

14. I need flaps but they sound like a hassle. How do yours work?
Pulltarps patented Side Flap System works from the ground and is a lot safer than climbing up on the vehicle to tie down the load. Click here to see how side flaps work. Contact [email protected] or call 877.431.2865 to order a side flap tarp for your truck.

15. Do you have a hand crank system?
No. Our manual tarps and arm systems are easy to deploy and do not require a hand crank. All of our other arm systems have electric drives.

16. Do we have tarps for boats, bunkers, or lumber?
You can create a waterproof tarp for any purpose by using our Build-A-Tarp page. We do have lumber tarps for flatbed trailers; our lumber tarps measurements are 27’ x 24’ with 8’ foot drops, 3 rows of “D” rings, 2’ grommet spacing and 10” rain flaps. We also offer throw tarps for general purposes; contact [email protected] or call 877.431.2865 to discuss our tarp options.

17. I can’t get out of my truck on this job. Do you have anything that I can operate from the cab?
Yes. We offer the Smart Switch line of electric controls for Automatic Electric Arms. We have two different types of Smart Switches that have a switch in the cab and a Smart Switch with wireless remote control. Wireless remote Smart Switches are easy to install because there is no switch to wire and only four wires to connect. Wireless remote Smart Switches ship completely assembled and programmed ready to install. Unique transmitter codes do not interfere with other remote devices and can be operated from up to 150 feet away. External manual switch on control unit for backup.

18. Does the motor(s) Pulltarps sell work with other systems?
Yes, our motors have a standard three bolt pattern that is common in the industry.

19. What kind of pulling force does it take to operate a Semi-Automatic Pulltarp System?
Pulltarps’ semi-automatic tarp systems are easy to deploy, it only takes one pull. We made these systems so that any adult can operate the tarp system.

20. How can I choose the correct tarp size for my tarp system?
The minimum tarp length needed on an automatic system is 3’ longer than the truck body. The minimum tarp length on a semi-automatic system is 2’ longer than the truck body, although, tarp lengths may exceed 5’ longer than the bed if the system housing is mounted above the rail.

21. Should I get a 4-spring arm kit or a single spring?
Pulltarps makes 4- spring arm kits for applications on beds up to 22’; a single spring is needed for anything over 22’.

22. When is it recommended to get an electric arm system?
We recommend an electric arm system for tarping peaked loads and for longer dump truck boxes. Pulltarps Semi-Automatic systems are easy to deploy and use, but they can only cover 28 feet of a truck bed; an automatic system from Pulltarps takes less time to cover a load and covers trucks up to 40 feet.

23. Do I need a bent arm kit?
You may need bent arms if the arms and pivot points can potentially be in the way of containers and compactors or, if housing is not mounted level to the side rails.

To find our warranty information, check our Double Guarantee page. If you have any other questions that were not answered in this section, feel free to contact our customer service team via the chat or by calling (877) 426-9877.