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Replacement Tarps

Tarp Materials and Options

Pulltarps replacement tarps are Simply the Best because all are cut using a state of the art CNC cutting machine. This means whether you are ordering a straight tarp, flap tarp, mesh tarp, or asphalt tarp for dump trucks, the tarp material will be cut to your exact specifications. All tarps for dump trucks are double stitched using Lock Stitch sewing machines, versus chain stitching, preventing the stitching from unraveling. All mesh tarps for dump trucks or trailers have heavy duty webbing sewn down the length of each side to prevent wear and tear along the edges.

NOTE: Replacement tarps now have five (5) grommets across the front as well as a hem tube. This tarp is recommended for Pulltarps applications. If you require grommets or a pocket in the back of the tarp, please call customer service.

Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps

Waterproof 18 oz. Vinyl Tarps

Asphalt Tarps

Absolutely the best 400 degree rated tarp material available. The 14 oz. heat resistant material has a special urethane coating on both sides that is super slick and helps keep the asphalt from sticking to the tarp. Asphalt tarps made from this material are waterproof and are recommended with optional Side Flaps to prevent flapping and to keep heat in. Check out our videos to learn more about our replacement tarps and tarping systems for trailers & dump trucks.

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