Class 7/8 Truck & Trailer

Class 7-8 | Truck & Trailer | 33,001 pounds (14,969 kg)+
For an End Dump trailer, we recommend using Pulltarps’ Automatic Tarping Systems to cover the large truck-load. Automatic tarping systems are more convenient for larger trucks because they have an electric motor to retract the tarp back into the housing simply by turning a switch. This is faster than hand cranking and spring retention, and it is safer, as it allows operators to stay in the truck while the load is being covered and uncovered.

  • Automatic systems use a 1.3HP electric motor to deploy & retract the tarp back into the housing
  • Tarping peaked loads in trailers & trucks is easy since the arms lift the tarp up and over the load
  • Automatic tarp systems can be deployed in the cab through the 12 volt Switch Kit
  • We offer multiple tarp system options, including open roller tubes and covered with steel housing
  • All Pulltarps Systems keep you up to code for all state regulations

We offer a full range of advanced tarping solutions for covering end dumps and large trailers, including Semi-Automatic, Manual Arms Systems and Automatic Arm Tarping Systems. Which tarp system is best for your dump truck bed depends on what you haul (asphalt, dirt, sand, trash, demolition or landscaping waste) plus truck length and your personal preference.

Pulltarps offers vinyl truck tarps, heavy duty mesh tarps, waterproof and asphalt tarps for all of your trucking needs. Check out the Tarps Configuration Page to choose the tractor supply tarp that is best for you.

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