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What Type of Tarp Do I Need ?

Pulltarps offers multiple different types of tarps for all of your hauling needs. We work with sand and gravel companies to find the right type and size of tarp for each industry. The California DMV states that it is against the law to operate on the highway a vehicle which is improperly covered, constructed, or loaded so that any part of its contents or load spills, drops, leaks, blows, sifts, or in any other way escapes from the vehicle. Sand is one of the most – hauled materials; common applications for sand include concrete and asphalt mixing, backfill, water filtration, and snow control. Road base, on the other hand, is used for foundation, highway beams, road stabilization, pipe bedding, drive ways, pathways and construction road entrances. Whether you work in landscaping, roadwork, waste management, or construction, we have a tarp for your haul.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I install this Pulltarps Tarping System myself or do I need to bring it to a Service Center?
If you need to have a Tarping System installed and don’t have the ability to do it on your own, you can use our Locate A Service Center page locate an approved Service Center in your area. We also provide detailed instructions and hotline telephone technical support so you can install the systems yourself or have your local truck repair or welding shop do it for you.

2. How hard is it to install a Tarping System?
That depends on your technical and mechanical abilities. Hard to install may have a different meaning for different people. Although there is nothing that is terribly complex about our tarping systems, we supply easy to follow instructions. We have found that most people who have difficulty installing the system did not read the instructions until they had a problem. Normally our systems take only a few hours to install.