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Build your Pulltarps System

Build your own truck tarping system to fit the size of your truck. Choose your automatic or semi-automatic system, housing, and tarps using our easy to use, 3-step systems configurator.

Build your truck tarp

We offer custom-made tarps so you can build your ideal truck tarp system for your dump truck or utility trailer. From heavy duty mesh tarps and waterproof vinyl tarps, to 400 degree-rated asphalt truck tarps. Customize your tarp now using our 3-step builder.

News & Updates

January 20, 2021

Open 9000M System The Open System is our most economical pull tarp system for large trucks and trailers. It can hold up to 30 feet of tarp and covers most truck bodies. The Open System is ideal for truck and trailer use where falling debris and l…

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