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Build your Pulltarps System

Build your own truck tarping system to fit the size of your truck. Choose your automatic or semi-automatic system, housing, and tarps using our easy to use, 3-step systems configurator.

Build your truck tarp

We offer custom-made tarps so you can build your ideal truck tarp system for your dump truck or utility trailer. From heavy duty mesh tarps and waterproof vinyl tarps, to 400 degree-rated asphalt truck tarps. Customize your tarp now using our 3-step builder.

News & Updates

September 11, 2023

Pulltarps® will be changing the EZ-Mount™ Bolt-On Mounting Plate material from Steel to 6061 Aluminum. The new EZ-Mount™ Bolt-On Mounting Plate is made from 6061 Aluminum, which is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy, containing ma…

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