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Why you should use a Pulltarps System!

By Pulltarps Mfg | December 21, 2017

Have you ever been stuck behind a commercial dump truck, trash truck or similar vehicle with a load that wasn’t properly secured?  It can be very frustrating when your POV gets pelted by debris being blown out the back of those vehicles.






To solve this Problem, Pulltarps invented the Semi-Automatic Pulltarp® Truck Tarp Systems. These tarp systems operate by manually pulling the tarp out over the load with a pull rope. The tarp is then rolled back into housing using spring tension within the roller mechanism. Semi-Automatic Pulltarp® Systems are fully upgradeable to electric drive, manual arms, or automatic arms. These truck tarp systems are great for all applications and are the most economical solution to your tarping needs! And tarping your empty trucks can save fuel, that’s important for a single truck or a truck fleet. We all benefit from the protection and better fuel economy from tarping commercial trucks.





Here’s a full demonstration of the Semi-Automatic Pulltarps® in operation.

Using trailer and dump truck tarp systems can improve efficiency 3 to 9 percent for each truck.

Visit Pulltarps.com to learn more about truck tarping laws and to find out more about our Semi-Automatic Pulltarps® Systems and other Tarping System options.