Configured Systems

Part #: 201-0215

Open 9000E System

The Open System is our most economical automatic tarp system that can hold up to 40 feet of tarp. The Open System is great for applications where falling debris and loader damage is not a concern. Includes black powder-coated end plates and a 1.3 horsepower electric motor kit with all of the needed wires.

Includes: Tarp Roller Tube, Arm Pivots, 1.3 HP Electrical Motor, 12 Volt Switch Kit



  • Holds up to 40 feet of tarp
  • Spacer Rod comes standard
  • Black Powder coated End Plates
  • Geared Electric Motor kit and all wires included


There are two pivot options. The Fully Enclosed 4 Spring pivot is for smaller applications while the Single Spring Pivot is for larger applications.

Enclosed 4 Spring Pivot (Small)
  • For applications up to 22 feet
  • UHMW Bushings for smooth operation
  • Compact and fully enclosed spring housing
  • Can be mounted in the High or Low positions
Single Spring Pivot (Large)
  • For applications up to 40 feet
  • UHMW Bushings for smooth operation
  • Fully Enclosed Spring Housing
  • Available with steel or aluminum arms


The 1.3HP Pulltarps™ Motor and Basic Smart Switch are recommended for the Open 9000E system.

1.3 Horse Power HD Electric Pulltarps® Motor
  • Can be operated wireless remote control, in-cab, or external switch
  • Three year prorated warranty
Basic Smart Switch™
  • Installation is easier with no heavy cables running in and out of the cab
  • Uses a low amperage switch to control a high amperage relay


Pulltarps™ offers 4 types of tarping materials, from our least expensive HD Mesh, our Super Heavy Duty Mesh, 18oz. Waterproof Vinyl, and 400° rated Asphalt Vinyl

  • Heavy Duty Mesh is vinyl coated polyester mesh with an open weave
  • Super HD Mesh is 18oz. vinyl coated polyester mesh fabric with a double weave
  • 18oz. Waterproof vinyl is seamless and full width
  • Asphalt Vinyl is 14oz. 400 degree rated material with a urethane coating