Part #: 531-2180

X-Pando™ (Automatic) System



The X-Pando automatic tarp system holds up to 30′ of tarp and features protective housing that adjusts to fit any truck width from 78” to 100”. This EZ-Fit System is able to slide and expand to fit your exact truck body specifications, simply slide each side of the galvanized steel housing to the desired position and secure. A 1.3HP motor and in-cab 12V smart switch are included for electric tarp operation.



  • Holds up to 30 feet of tarp
  • Adjusts from 70 inches to 100 inches
  • Galvanized steel protector for a clean appearance
  • Excellent protection from loader bucket damage and falling debris


High Mount Extended Reach EZ-Mount Arm Kit is for smaller applications up to 22 feet.

High Mount Extended Reach EZ-Mount Arm Kit
  • For applications up to 22 feet
  • Can be mounted in the High position
  • UHMW Bushings for smooth operation
  • Compact and fully enclosed spring housing


The 1.3HP Pulltarps™ Motor and 12V Basic Smart Switch is included with the X-Pando™ (Automatic) System

1.3 Horse Power HD Electric Pulltarps® Motor
  • Easy electric operation
  • Works great in high wind applications because the electric motor keeps the tarp tight over the load
Basic Smart Switch™
  • In-cab Switch
  • Uses a low amperage switch to control a high amperage relay

Tarps (Not included)

Pulltarps™ offers 3 types of tarping materials for our EZ-Fit Systems. They range from our least expensive HD Mesh, 18oz. Waterproof Vinyl, and 400° rated Asphalt Vinyl

  • Heavy Duty Mesh is vinyl coated polyester mesh with an open weave
  • 18oz. Waterproof vinyl is seamless and full width
  • Asphalt Vinyl is 14oz. 400 degree rated material with a urethane coating

Additional information

Weight 265 lbs
Dimensions 109 × 16 × 10 in