Welcome to the Pulltarps Green Page

Everyday it becomes more important to goGreen, we at Pulltarps wanted to let you know what we are doing to help the environment.

In order to reduce the demand on trees and our carbon footprint, all Pulltarps brochures are available for download @www.pulltarps.com/catalog.htm

Recycle and Conserve- Because we are a manufacturing company, we do produce a fair amount of excess material that is recycled and kept out of landfills. Even the small chips from our CNC machining processes are separated by material type and recycled. Special pallets and packaging that is received with our incoming fabric orders is reconfigured and reused. Cardboard and paper goods are also separated and recycled.

Continuing with our trend of conserving energy, we switched over to Low-Energy fluorescent lights in our factory and warehouse. Not only do the lights consume less energy, but many have motion sensors that turn off when an area is not occupied.

In order to cut back on waste, Pulltarps changed formats from a mailer newsletter to monthly e-newsletters. This small change saves many trees. Hopefully other companies will do the same. To receive our monthly newsletter Click Here

Using a tarp system is eco-friendly and really helps keep our roadways free from unnecessary debris (photo on left). Dirt, sand, gravel and silt dropped on the road also make it into our waterways effecting wildlife and water quality. For more information on State tarping laws, or to contact your states law making officials
Click Here.

Fuel Efficiency- Using tarp systems actually saves in ways that you may not have thought of. In a recent study done in the UK (photo on right), research concluded that tarping your system can boosts fuel efficiency by up to 9%. This means that by tarping your vehicle, you are not only saving fuel, but protecting vehicles around you from falling debris and potential accidents. Most systems pay for themselves within a year.