Arm System Kit

Open 9000E System

The Open System is our most economical automatic tarp system that can hold up to 40 feet of tarp. The Open System is great for applications where falling debris and loader damage is not a concern. Includes black powder-coated end plates and a 1.3 horsepower electric motor kit with all of the needed wires.

Includes: Tarp Roller Tube, Arm Pivots, 1.3 HP Electrical Motor, 12 Volt Switch Kit

Starting Price: $2226


Pulltarps® Aluminator™ 7000 E-Series

The ALUMINATOR product line was designed to eliminate excess weight from your truck and maximize your payload on each and every trip. The ALUMINATOR E-Series systems are available in a 7” half-cover wind guards, and an 8.5” full-cover housing.

The E-Series is an automatic arm system that relies on an electric motor to operate the tarping system. These systems come with the EZ Mount adjustable pivots that allow the user to adjust the spring tension of the arms for proper indexing.

The ALUMINATOR 7000 uses 7” endplates to roll up and store up to 22’ of tarp.

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Steel Protector™ (Automatic) System

Designed for applications that require some protection from falling debris. The system has a Vertical Back that Mounts flush with Cab Shield.

SuperShield™ 9500E System

This is the strongest, most durable Automatic Tarp System available in the industry. The fully-welded 12 gauge steel construction offers the best protection from falling debris. Designed for longer applications up to 40 feet. Includes a black powder-coated finish and a 1.3 HP electric motor with a 5 year warranty.

Includes: Tarp Roller Tube, Housing, Arm Pivots, 1.3 HP Electric Motor, 12 Volt Switch Kit

Starting Price: $3193


Steel Protector +™ (Automatic) System

The Steel Protector +™ Automatic Tarp System is designed for longer applications that require some protection from falling debris. The Steel Protector+ holds 28' of tarp and works with all types of dump truck bodies. The galvanized housing protects your tarp system from any falling debris, which ensures your system works for years and years. Includes steel bolt-in spring shaft anchor and mounting brackets.

Includes: Tarp Roller Tube, System Housing, Arm Pivots, 1.3 HP Electric Motor, Smart Switch Kit

Starting Price: $2727


X-Pando™ (Automatic) System

The X-Pando automatic tarp system holds up to 30' of tarp and features protective housing that adjusts to fit any truck width from 78” to 100”. This EZ-Fit System is able to slide and expand to fit your exact truck body specifications, simply slide each side of the galvanized steel housing to the desired position and secure. A 1.3HP motor and in-cab 12V smart switch are included for electric tarp operation.

Starting Price: $2,222


Deluxe High Amperage Switch Kit 12 Volt

The Deluxe High Amp Switch Kit can operate your tarp system from inside the cab. Automatic tarp systems swiftly deploy and cover the truck bed with the flip of our SmartSwitch. Upgrade your system from a semi-automatic tarp system to an automatic tarp system with the switch kit.


Pulltarps® 1.3 HP 12V DC Electric Motor

Our new and improved high-output tarp system motor runs on 1.3 horse power with a 90:1 gear ratio; this motor is strong enough to reel in 40 feet of tarp and includes a 5 year warranty to ensure years of service. Pulltarps' extra heavy duty motor for truck tarps is able to be operated by an external switch or an in-cab switch. This is a genuine Pulltarps part and is a great upgrade, made to fit any electric tarp system.


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