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5 Tips for Maintaining Overall Waste Fleet Health

By Pulltarps Mfg | October 9, 2017
Photo by: Greg Goebel

Whether you have 1 truck or 1,000, it is critical to properly maintain your fleet. Waste-handling companies can reduce costs when their fleet is up and running under an effective PMI program.

One of the most complicated and costly endeavors for a waste company is fleet management. You have probably had to invest more money into a vehicle than you have wanted to in the past. When your fleet is out of service, repairs can be pricey and you can miss out on revenue. Fleet owners and managers want to maximize the life of their assets and lower operation costs. A strong PMI (preventative maintenance inspection) program is the key to keeping your fleet on the road and reducing budget impact.

When handled efficiently, refuse fleet maintenance can cut costs, improve productivity and save time. The more downtime you can avoid, the better. As experts in the maintenance industry, we would like to share some insight into fleet maintenance so you can improve your PMI program and profits.

By Kristen Chapman / Waste Advantage Magazine

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