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A run at mobile CO2 capture, straight from the stacks — and growing markets for the gas

By Pulltarps Mfg | July 18, 2022

Todd Dills | www.overdriveonline.com | Updated Jul 15, 2022

Remora Carbon co-CEO and cofounder Paul Gross notes that, unlike a lot of technologies coming to market with greenhouse-gas reduction in mind, affordability is certainly part of what drives the company’s moves into actual business — and ultimate profit for trucking and its smallest players, specifically.

While its mobile-CO2-capture devices and storage tanks — connecting with a Class 8’s exhaust system and mounting to frame rails behind the cab of a heavy-duty truck — are set to begin piloting for proof of concept/implementation with several larger companies in a matter of months, “the whole reason we started the company is to help owner-operators decarbonize and make some extra money,” Gross said. “Our whole goal is to help owner-operators tap into that value.”