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Pulltarps EZ-Measure System

By Pulltarps Mfg | May 22, 2018

Pulltarps® has come up with a easy solution for cutting your Core System or X-Pando roller tube to the correct size! We call it the “EZ-Measure” system. With the EZ-Measure sticker on your roller tube, all you need to do is get the with of your housing or cab shield and cut the same width on the tube, it’s that easy.

The EZ-Measure System offers these key features.
     • Designed for use in our EZ-Fit Systems
     • EZ-Measure Cut-to-Fit
     • No Welding or Fabrication Required
     • Easy to Install

To find our more about the EZ-Measure system for the Core and X-Pando systems, follow the links below.

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