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Study Shows Tarping System Boosts Fuel Efficiency of Trucks by up to 9 Percent and Cuts Costs

By Pulltarps Mfg | July 21, 2008

El Cajon, Ca., July 21, 2008 –   El Cajon, CA (PRWEB) July 21, 2008 — Truckers may not be able to do anything about the rising price of gasoline, but they can cover their load with a tarp to help lower fuel costs. Research shows that using a tarping system can improve the fuel usage of dump trucks by 3 to 9 percent. The study was jointly conducted by UK-based tipping gear manufacturer HARSH Ltd. and MIRA, a leading international provider of product engineering, research and testing.

At current fuel costs, most tarps systems offered by Pulltarps Manufacturing Inc. will pay for themselves within six months
In a series of tests, the companies proved that covering a truck’s bed with sheeting helps to maintain optimum airflow over the rest of the vehicle. By maximizing the truck’s operating performance can lower fuel usage–whether the truck is carrying a load or empty.

“This is a huge opportunity for truck fleets and individual drivers to save money and create a positive response by enhancing the public’s safety at the same time,” said William McRea CEO of Pulltarps Manufacturing Inc. “Drivers can advertise that they are tarping up their dump trucks for ‘your safety and to save fuel.'”

While the compelling research was conducted by a UK company, the principle is universal and applicable anywhere. Trucking companies in the United States can also use a tarping system to save fuel and money, according to McRea. “At current fuel costs, most tarps systems offered by Pulltarps Manufacturing Inc. will pay for themselves within six months,” he said.

Pulltarps, manufactures a line of American-made tarping systems for the dump truck and hauling industry. All of the company’s products are made at its California plant by in-house engineering experts. “This ensures the uniformity and high quality of every part,” McRea said.

The Pulltarps brand is well-known as a manufacturer of premium tarping systems. The company offers full spectrum of advance tarping solutions for covering dump trucks and dump trailers. Recently the company added lumber tarps and waste industry tarps to its line of high-quality tarping solutions. To learn more about the fuel-saving benefit of tarping systems, contact William McRea or visit www.pulltarps.com.

About Pulltarps Manufacturing Inc.
A privately-owned company, Pulltarps Manufacturing Inc. has been making premium, reliable and cost-effective tarping solutions for the construction industry for nearly two decades. The company has distinguished itself as a true innovator, introducing the latest technology for dump trucks and trailers. The company invented the “Pulltarp” Semi-Automatic window shade style dump truck tarp systems to make tarping safer, faster and easier. The system is the only one of its kind that features a fully-welded, 12-gauge-steel housing and Pulltarp’s exclusive external ratchet adjustment. Pulltarps is headquartered in El Cajon, Calif.

Tests prove that the use of tarping can help dump truck owners conserve gas and lower their fuel costs. Using tarping from companies such as Pulltarps can improve efficiency 3 to 9 percent for each truck