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The Comprehensive Guide to Tarps for the Job Site

By Pulltarps Marketing | May 24, 2024

The Comprehensive Guide to Tarps for the Job SiteOn construction projects or job sites, heavy-duty tarps play a significant role in protecting and securing the materials, equipment, and work areas against exposure to debris, weather, and other external elements.

The key to optimum protection lies in selecting the right type of tarps for the job site with considerations for maintenance and safety as well.

Here, we will highlight the essential role of tarps in ensuring a safe, efficient, and weatherproof job site.

Understanding Tarp Types for Construction

Here are some of the best types of construction tarps you should consider for your job site:

Asphalt Vinyl Tarps

Asphalt Vinyl TarpsAsphalt vinyl tarps are specifically designed for construction job sites, where they can easily fit most dump truck and trailer tarp systems. They are manufactured from waterproof fabric and are double-stitched using lock-stitch sewing machines.

These asphalt vinyl tarps are specially engineered to perform efficiently in high-heat environments. A high-quality asphalt vinyl tarp, like ours, is rated for 400-degree use.

Also, these neither stick to the asphalt nor burn through the tarp. It also maintain the temperature of hot asphalt until it is delivered.

Heavy Duty Mesh Tarps

Truck TarpsThese heavy-duty mesh tarps are manufactured with durable polyester and coated with vinyl. They are ideal for all kinds of dump trucks. These high-density mesh tarps are specifically designed to withstand continuous rough usage and harsh climate conditions.

These mesh tarps are hands down one of the best heavy duty tarps for constructions an open weave allows air to flow through the tarp, eliminating wind resistance.

Waterproof Vinyl Tarps

Heavy-duty waterproof vinyl tarps are among the best truck tarp types for construction and job sites. They are known to be highly durable and sustainable in the ruggedness of dump truck use.

If you’re looking for waterproof tarps for constructions, choose this one to secure your loads on the dump truck.


Choosing the Right Tarp for the Job

When choosing the right tarp for construction projects, you need to go for heavy-duty tarps, which prove to be invaluable resources for protecting and securing the materials, weather exposure, equipment, and construction area.

Here are a few aspects you need to remember while picking the right construction tarp:

Material Type

The material used to manufacture the tarp dramatically impacts its performance, strength, and durability. The common materials used for heavy-duty construction sites are vinyl and polyester.

Polyester tarps are highly durable and excellent at resisting mould and mildew growth, making them ideal for long-term outdoor use.

Vinyl tarps can be a great option for construction tarps as they are fully waterproof, making them ideal for situations where there is water or moisture exposure.

Tarp Size

If you’re going with the standard-size offerings with the heavy-duty tarps, then you would know what to expect. However, for any non-standard-size equipment, you need to make sure the tarp you are choosing is long and wide enough for proper coverage.

Tarp Weight

You should consider heavy-weight tarps, somewhere between 10 and 18 oz, which will be ideal for tackling strong winds and harsh weather at outdoor construction sites. We offer tarps with weights of 11 oz, 14 oz and 18 oz, depending upon your needs. Lightweight tarps are more likely to get damaged in heavy rain or wind situations.

Guide To Safe Hauling At Construction Worksites

Tarp Maintenance and Tips

Here are some tips for tarp cleaning, repair and maintenance:

When Using Flap Tarps, Make Sure They Are Tied Securely

You need to ensure that flap tarps are tied down securely on the truck while driving. Otherwise, the loose ends of the tarp will be left to flap in the wind, possibly causing rips and tears.

Inspect Regularly For Potential Damage

You need to inspect your tarps periodically for potential signs of damage. Examine the entire tarp for holes, weak spots, tears, or rips.

Keep Truck Tarps Clean

It is crucial to keep your truck tarps clean regularly for good maintenance. Grease, dirt, salt, and grit can damage the surface over time, making it susceptible to rips and tears.

Store Your Throw Tarps Safely When Not In Use

Avoid leaving your throw tarps outside, as it can cause damage. If these tarps are left in the sun all day, it can make the tarp fabric weak and brittle. That’s why it is important to fold and store your tarps safely when they are not in use to extend their life. It is the reason why our throw tarps are kept secure in system housing on the roller tube.

Safety Considerations When Using Tarps

Here are some safety considerations when using tarps:

  • Choosing the Right Tarp: Picking the appropriate size and weight of the tarp suitable for the job reduces the safety risks to begin with. It should be large enough and thick enough for the particular job.
  • Utilize Mechanical Aids: Eliminating manual handling reduces the possibility of muscle or strain injuries.

Buy High-Quality Tarps For Construction Sites

Choosing the right tarps for construction sites is crucial for achieving maximum protection and security. When it comes to construction sites, quality and durability matter the most. That’s when you need a reliable and trustworthy brand by your side offering high-quality, specialized construction tarps, as we do at Pulltarps®. To know more, Contact our team or Call us for more information or a quotation.

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