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Pulltarps Releases X-Pando

By Pulltarps Mfg | June 25, 2010

Toughest Adjustable Tarp Housing in the Business 

Owners of Tarping Systems are excited that Pulltarps has developed these Super Tough X-Pando Housings, that fit any size truck or trailer from 78” to 102” wide. The new Housings allow Dump Truck Owners to purchase just one system that can work on all applications.

The new Pulltarps X-Pando Adjustable Tarp System Housings are the latest technology from the leading innovator in truck tarp and tarping systems. This design makes ordering and installation easier because the tarp housings are adjustable in width from 78” to 102”.

X-Pando Adjustable Tarp System Housings can ship via UPS because it can be packaged in a smaller box. The new housings work for manual and automatic electric systems in applications to 30 feet.

Pulltarps Manufacturing announces an all new line of Adjustable Tarp System Housings for manual and automatic arm tarping systems for dump trucks and trailers. These bolt together housings save freight costs because they can be packaged in a smaller box that can ship via UPS.

The X-Pando adjustable feature also means that ordering is easy because the tarp system housing has a telescoping design that adjusts to the width of your truck or trailer body. All hardware is included in every kit with easy to follow instructions.

For Pulltarps’ distributors, this means that they can have the right product in stock for most applications with only a small inventory.