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California Launches Campaign To Explain Complex Truck Regulations

By Pulltarps Mfg | February 5, 2019

Webinars, mailers, billboards, even an old-fashioned telephone hotline: That’s how California’s Air Resources Board is trying to educate heavy-duty truck owners and operators about the state’s extensive air pollution requirements.

“One thing about our regulations is they’re quite complicated,” said Bruce Tuter, manager of the Compliance Assistance and Outreach Section for the ARB. This month alone, the ARB has run webinars for truck and bus operators, held an in-person event, and sent tens of thousands of mailers to fleet operators to help them understand how to comply.

The ARB says that of the 400,000 heavy-duty diesel trucks registered in California, about 80,000 are out of compliance.

“We’re dealing with folks who don’t have time to try to understand the rules,” Tuter said.  Story by Susan Carpenter / www.trucks.com.