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Diesel technician shortage most impacts those who are ‘part of the problem’

By Pulltarps Mfg | September 12, 2018
Nearly 11,000 diesel students graduate post-secondary tech programs every year.

That doesn’t sound like an ingredient for a labor shortage, yet the fact that truck fleets coast-to-coast struggle daily to fill vacancies in the repair bay and retain their best technicians is indisputable.

That’s a problem George Arrants, ASE Education Alliance manager for medium/heavy duty trucks and the chairman of TMC’s Supertech competition, says is self-inflicted.

“For the last four decades, we’ve been telling kids ‘go to college,’” says Arrants, who delivered the opening address at Isuzu’s North American technician competition in Pittston, Pennsylvania. “We forgot to create the workforce that’s going to maintain the infrastructure of our country, but Career and Technical Education is on the move. We are a service oriented nation.” Story by Jason Cannon / www.equipmentworld.com