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Report: Autonomous trucks to steal some driving jobs, create others!

By Pulltarps Mfg | September 6, 2018

A report issued this week by the U.C. Berkley Center for Labor Research and Education presents a somewhat bleak outlook for the future of some truck driving jobs whenever autonomous trucks come to market. However, the report indicates, self-driving trucks could create new driving jobs — perhaps even more than they displace.

The research, conducted by University of Pennsylvania Sociologist Steve Viscelli, did not offer a timeline for when these shifts could take place, only forecasting the potential for automated tech to be a major disruptor in the trucking industry as the technology is deployed. An estimated 211,000 long-haul jobs in the full truckload segment could be displaced from autonomous trucks, the report predicts. Story by Overdrive Staff / www.overdriveonline.com

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