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Kenworth and Peterbilt ready electric lineup for 2020 debut

By Pulltarps Mfg | January 8, 2020

Story by Jason Cannon / www.ccjdigital.com

Paccar companies Kenworth and Peterbilt used the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Tuesday as a showcase for the companies’ budding electric capabilities.

Kenworth’s K270E and the Peterbilt Model 220EV battery electric vehicles (BEV) are equipped with Dana-designed e-Powertrain system and each are scheduled to kick off commercial production this year.

Configured as a direct drive system, both trucks use a Spicer Electrified e-propulsion system and a standard Dana drive axle and driveshaft. Dana also supplies an e-power system, which generates, stores, and manages the energy for the vehicle and consists of electrified auxiliary systems, an on-board charger, and two battery packs. Dana-developed software and controls enable the diagnostics and telemetry of the complete system.