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Pulltarps® Elbow Kits

By Pulltarps Marketing | May 3, 2022

Pulltarps® offers three types of Elbow Kits for use with your Automatic (Electric) or Manual Arm (Pull Tarp) Systems. Each kit is designed for use with a different set up of arms and crossbar/pull bar.





All of Pulltarps’ elbow kits are cast out of aluminum and, depending on the kit, are machined to fit into our aluminum arms or rear cross bars. Pulltarps’ steel arms and cross bars don’t require that the elbow kits be machined to fit; this is because our steel arms and crossbars have a larger inside dimension than our aluminum arms and cross bars.

Here’s a review of the three different Elbow Kits we offer.


#501-0791: Elbows Hardware Kit For Steel Arms connection to Aluminum Teardrop Crossbar
This elbow kit fits steel arms and aluminum teardrop cross bars, which required the connector to the aluminum cross bar to be machined to fit.











#501-1250: Elbow Kit For Round Aluminum Arm Tubes and Teardrop Pullbar
Since this kit is designed to fit both the aluminum arms and teardrop pullbar, both connectors on the elbow kit are machined to fit.













#501-1251: Elbow Kit For Round Steel Arm Tubes and Steel Cross Bar
This elbow kit fits both steel arms and a steel crossbar, so machining of the elbow kit is required.