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The electric pickup wars are about to begin

By Pulltarps Mfg | February 19, 2020

Story by Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN Business

Even before Tesla revealed the Cybertruck last November, other companies — both brand-new start ups and long-established automakers — had already announced plans for electric pickup trucks of their own.

Most of these planned trucks are far less insane-looking than Tesla’s $40,000 ultra-prismatic Cybertruck with its supposedly bulletproof windows and dent-proof body. Still, they boast of amazing-sounding capabilities that, in many cases, far outmatch even heavy duty gasoline and diesel trucks.

Ford, for example, released a video last summer of a battery-powered F-150 prototype towing — at low speed and for a relatively short distance — 1.25 million pounds of freight train cars filled with other F-150s. Even Ford admitted the truck was “towing far beyond any production truck’s published capacity,” but it was still an astounding display of strength for a truck that’s still very much in development. Ford still hasn’t said when it will go on sale.