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Why purchase an Automatic Truck & Trailer Tarping System

By Pulltarps Mfg | February 18, 2020

Pulltarps Tarp System Benefits

When it comes to considering effective equipment, look at outfitting your trucks with a Pulltarps® Automatic Tarping System. Our Automatic Tarping Systems can be operated from inside the cab; this is safer, quicker and lets you get through more loads per day. Why are they important? Three factors come to mind:

  1. Productivity: More trips per day with an Automatic Tarping System than without makes your routes more profitable because it takes less time to cover a load than using a Semi-Automatic System with Manual Arms to cover the container.
  2. Safety: Keeping your drivers in the cab and reduces work related injuries and, in turn, keeps your workers’ compensation costs low.
  3. Convenience: Covering and uncovering a load in 30 to 45 seconds keeps the driver out of the blistering sun, torrential rain and cold snow making for a happier and more productive driver.

Research Tarp System Features

Before you jump head long into buying the same old tarping system, you need to ask yourself some questions while also analyzing your needs. Below are some factors to consider before deciding on a tarp system.


Box Size Range

Do you have a wide variety of box sizes requiring a different sizes of Automatic Housings  or our EZ-Fit Systems? Or do you have one box size requiring a specific size of housing system? Our Automatic Tarp Systems are best for large truck boxes. Automatic tarp systems are great for any application up to 40′. Tarping peaked loads in end dump trucks is made easy because the arms lift the tarp up and over the load. Pulltarps’ automatic tarp systems have an electric motor to retract the tarp back into the housing simply by turning a switch.

Cost of Ownership

Sometimes the cheapest tarping systems end up costing more over the long run in truck down-time, maintenance, part replacements, upgrading tarps, and hand-cranking manual systems. Pulltarps makes tarp systems which are powder-coated for corrosion resistance and offer the best protection from falling debris. Our electric systems offer a 1.3 HP electric motor with spring pivots on UHMW Bushings for smooth operation. They are operated via a wireless remote control, in-cab, or external switch to save you time and labor.


Depending on the tarp systems arm and pivot arrangement this may help determine what tarp system you go with. If the arms and pivot points can potentially be in the way of containers and compactors, then a heavy weight tarp system may be your best bet. If your arms are below and in front of containers and compactors, then a lightweight tarp system may be the ideal choice. Do some of your routes routinely max out the trucks GVW rating? Are you planning on buying a new truck with a bigger motor, larger radiator and massive exhaust system to meet the latest emissions? Everything that you add to a truck will take away from the maximum payload that you can legally carry (this includes tarp systems). If you rarely maximize the GVW, then the SuperShield 9500E system may be the way to go. If you need all the payload capacity that you can get, perhaps a Open 9000E is the way to go?

Features and Benefits

Be sure to look past the cheap price-tag of a basic system and dig in to the actual features and benefits of the options. Pulltarps’ tarp systems are made of the highest quality materials and are trusted by thousands. Our SuperShield Automatic Systems are the most trusted tarping system in the industry, offering complete protection from loader damage with fully-welded 12 gauge steel construction. Or if you are not concerned about loader damage, the Open System is great for applications where falling debris is not a concern. Automatic Systems save time through electric tarp deployment with a Smart Switch, but our semi-automatic pull tarp systems are also extremely easy to operate through spring tension, not a hand crank.

Pulltarps provides one-on-one customer service and works with our customers to ensure satisfaction. Our manufacturing employees build Simply The Best Truck Tarp Solutions, and we have service centers all over America who can help you install your new system.