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Types of Asphalt Pavement: Thinlays

By Pulltarps Mfg | May 29, 2019

A new generation of thin-lift asphalt overlays called Thinlays™ are a popular approach to pavement preservation because of their ability to provide improved ride quality, reduce pavement distresses, maintain surface geometrics, reduce noise levels, reduce life-cycle costs, and provide long-lasting service. Recently, NAPA helped organize a thin asphalt overlay using warm-mix asphalt and recycled materials in Nashville, Tenn.

Tenth Street in downtown Nashville, an urban pavement with many utility cuts, was given 10 years more of life with this green (economically and environmentally) thin asphalt overlay preservation treatment. This is a NAPA instructional demonstration for those interested in asphalt paving processes and procedures. Mike Huner, then Director of Technical Services for the Tennessee Road Builders Association, is the presenter. Special thanks go to the contractor, LoJac Enterprises Inc. of Lebanon, Tenn. The Tenth Street project was completed in August 2012.

Thinlay LogoNAPA has outlined the benefits of Thinlay thin asphalt overlay mixes in a 2014 position paper, Thinlays: The Pavement Preservation Tool of Choice. When used for pavement preservation, Thinlays can help agencies better manage both pavement condition and scarce funds. Thinlays can also help increase the structural capability of a roadway when used with well-built pavements.