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What Is an Articulated Dump Truck?

By Pulltarps Mfg | June 7, 2022

Story by Primesourceco.com

To haul weighty loads across rugged terrain and maneuver tight corners with ease, you need something more than an ordinary truck. An articulated dump truck is often the answer.

Dump trucks are popular in many industries because of their unique hauling capabilities. In particular, an articulated dump truck has the power and dependability you need to accomplish the toughest of tasks and the precise handling required to ensure safety and efficiency.

When you need parts for an articulated dump truck, Prime Source is here to help you procure both new and used machine parts. For articulated dump trucks, in particular, we offer durable tailgates you can trust to hold up to the strain of hauling, transporting and discharging massive loads. Plus, we back all our parts up with the knowledge, expertise and professionalism you need to find solutions in a demanding industry.

We’re also committed to helping our customers learn more about heavy equipment and its many uses. In this guide, we’ll discuss what an articulated dump truck is, how it works and how you can optimize one of these impressive vehicles for your site or industry.

What Is an Articulated Dump Truck?
An articulated dump truck has a body, or chassis, that’s divided into two sections:

  • A tractor component that contains the cab.
  • A trailer component that contains the dump body.

The two sections of the chassis can move separately, offering greater maneuverability and control.







A traditional dump truck with a single-piece chassis is known as a rigid dump truck. In a rigid dump truck, the chassis comprises one continuous piece of metal. Both the cab and the dump body are mounted on top of this inflexible chassis.

An articulated dump truck, on the other hand, contains an articulated chassis. The cab of the truck is mounted onto the front component of the chassis. The dump body is mounted onto the back component. The articulation joint contains a pivot point that allows the two pieces of the chassis to move independently. This articulation joint is located just behind the cab of the truck.