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How to Use a Dump Truck Tarp to Protect Your Load in All Weather Conditions?

By Pulltarps Marketing | December 4, 2023

The wealth of a dump truck driver is in their payload!

For a dump truck driver, the payload isn’t just something to be delivered, but a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled. Whether it is on sun-scorched highways, wind-whipped plains, or in snowy weather conditions, drivers face a series of challenges to deliver their shipments.

And when you talk about dump trucks, the challenge extends even further due to their different dimensions. Each dump truck and trailer come unique in their own size and use-case. Hence, getting the right truck tarp system for your exact truck dimensions can be a challenge.  

But what is the ideal solution? Dump Truck, End Dump and Belly Dump trailer tarps.

The Basics of Dump Truck Tarps

Dump Truck Tarp to Protect Your LoadA dump truck tarp, commonly known as a heavy-duty truck tarp, is a vinyl-coated polyester cover that protects the cargo in the truck from flying out the back of the trailer bed. The tarp shields the cargo with its robust polyester layer and ensures the safety of shipments.

Generally, there are two types of dump truck tarps

1. Vinyl Tarps: These are perfect for hauling materials that require water resistance and protection. These tarps build a watertight seal, preventing rain, snow, and water from entering the cargo.

Vinyl Coated tarps come in varied sizes and thicknesses. For harsh weather areas, you can opt for 18oz. Waterproof Vinyl Tarp by Pulltarps that is reinforced with grommets on all sides and ensures excellent protection under extreme weather.  

2. Mesh Tarps: These are breathable tarps designed explicitly for higher breathability and less weight. They offer excellent air circulation, which makes them ideal for covering demolition debris, landscaping materials, gravel, rocks, and waste. Pulltarps mesh tarps are a prominent choice among truckers because of their exceptional durability and versatility.

How to Deal with Adverse Weathers Using a Dump Truck Tarp?

Dump Truck TarpTrailer tarps or heavy-duty truck tarps work well to protect cargo against harsh weather and make sure each shipment is secure. However, using the right type of truck or trailer tarp with the correct setup is vital to obtain the best out of the tarp.

Here are a few scenarios to consider where the right trailer tarp can help you win the battle against adverse weather situations:

1. Windy Weather: Battle the Gusts!

Long roads with stormy winds are a nightmare for any trucker. To notch it up, add the stress of cargo potentially flying out of the truck due to a poorly secured tarp.

Well, to not end up in a situation like this, learn these tips:

  • Secure the Tarp: Pulltarps Semi-Automatic systems utilize a ratchet system that allows the user to adjust spring tension in the roller tube, which keeps the tarps tight when fully extended. Our Automatic systems use steel or aluminum arms to extend the tarp, which also keeps that tarps tight when traveling down the road. For days that have excessive wind, our Tarp Tamer and Tarp Tamer bows can be used to hold the tarp down to prevent materials from blowing out while on the road.  
  • Pick the Right Tarp: Mesh tarps are usually the go-to choice for gusts and wind storms. It is because they allow the air to pass through and maintain an even balance. However, you should not pick them if your cargo needs water protection.  
  • Lower the Wind Resistance: To ensure that the tarp is evenly distributed for maximum coverage and provide lower wind resistance, try Pulltarps Side Flap Tarps. They can be deployed in approximately three minutes and untarp in about two minutes.  
  • Periodically Inspect Your System: Regularly check your semi-automatic systems spring tension or if you have an automatic system, make sure your electric motor, arms and pivits are in good working order. to inspect and ensure they haven’t loosened up due to their consistent activity.

2. Rain: Keep Moisture at Bay!

Rain is one of the most common as well as the most treacherous weathers for haulers. If cargo is not adequately secured with a waterproof tarp, then rain could permeate through and do damage to the haul. You can pull out your heavy-duty truck tarps to secure cargo from rain by using these steps:

  • Tighten the Tarp: After you extend your tarp, do an inspection around your vehicle to make sure that it has been properly deployed. If you’re using a throw tarp, make sure that the tarp is tightly fastened and firmly stretched over the load. Make sure to secure any loose ends that may allow water through to the truck or trailer bed.  
  • Vinyl Tarps are the Way to Go: A heavy-duty vinyl Flap Tarp design is the best choice for rain. These tarps are incredibly robust and have excellent waterproof capabilities. They ensure minimal water leakage through the edges and safely secure your payload.  
  • Tarp Accessories: To further enhance the security of your trailer tarps, you can invest in tarp accessories. As mentioned earlier, you can purchase a tarp tamer or tarp tamer bows to keep your tarp tight on your truck body. Pulltarps offers a wide range of replacement parts online, including replacement tarps, pull bars, bungee cords for flap tarps and more!
  • Keep Looking for Leaks: There is no guarantee your tarp will always remain in good shape. With wear and tear, cuts and leaks are prone to occur. Therefore, always check for any damage before heading on a journey and address any issues promptly to avoid cargo damage.

3.  Snow: Defend Against the Cold!

Snow is a fierce challenge that brings along the encounters with moisture and slick roads. To protect your load from the snow, here is what you can do:

  • Choose Heavier Vinyl Tarps: When snow conditions prevail, use heavy-duty vinyl tarps for your ride. It is so because snow is heavy, and if your tarp remains lightweight, it may lead to potential water infiltration. Hence, it would be best if you considered opting for tarps that can bear the weight of snow.
  • Clear the Snow on Drive: If you are driving through a heavy snowfall region, make periodic stops to clear off the excess snow and ensure protection for your cargo.  
  • Inspect Load Securement: The combination of snow and wind can cause your load to shift. So it’s important to regularly inspect your tarps system and load, to ensure safe travels down the road.

Dump Truck and Dump Trailer Tarps for Sale

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Pull the Tarp!

Whether it is rain, snow, sun, or wind, your trailer needs the best defense system that provides complete security for your load. With the right tarp and appropriate methods, you can leave your load undamaged and ensure it reaches its destination safely. Contact our team to learn more about tarps.

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