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SuperShield™ Systems: Enhanced systems for optimal performance

By Pulltarps Marketing | February 12, 2024

SuperShield 9500MA good and reliable tarp system is one of the most vital tools of the trade in trucking and transportation. Whether you are in the landscaping, waste management, construction, or roadwork business, it is a given that you have already invested in a premium tarping system for your commercial fleet. However, did you know there were certain ways in which you could ensure your tarp system’s performance stays at its peak.

Having a good quality tarp isn’t just about covering your truck or trailer’s load. It is about ensuring your load remains covered and delivered intact to its destination. That is why we offer our SuperShield tarp system, specifically designed to house your tarp and protect it from damage.

Pulltarps’ Road to Innovation

We have been leading the US tarping industry for years now and regularly push boundaries to redefine our standards and make products efficient for consumers. We comprehend the critical role a tarp plays in the regular operations of haulers. That is why we manufacture top-quality products that boost your truck’s performance.

One solution that essentially makes your tarp more efficient, durable, and easy to maintain is the SuperShield tarp system and its accessories. The Pulltarps SuperShield tarp system is designed using superior-quality materials and is meticulously tested to withstand the harshest conditions on the road.

Pulltarps’ tarps are crafted from high-performance mesh and vinyl materials, endowing them with unparalleled robustness and remarkable resilience against the detrimental effects of UV rays and severe weather conditions.

Simultaneously, the SuperShield accessories are impeccably manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring they can endure years of rigorous service under the most demanding circumstances.

Why are SuperShield Tarp Systems and Accessories considered the optimal choice for tarping systems?

SuperShield Pulltarps SystemSuperShield tarp systems are the ultimate choice for tarping systems due to their exceptional build quality and incredible ability to prevent debris from leaving the dump truck box and damaging other vehicles.

Here are some more reasons that set them apart from other tarping systems:

They seamlessly integrate to ensure effortless operations!

Our SuperShield tarp systems are designed with the challenges of a hauler in mind. When you have a load to deliver, using a hand crank to open and close a tarp can be a strain and a waste of time.

To keep you safe and save time, our SuperShield tarp system comes to the rescue with its semi-automatic and automatic systems. So whether you are a new or a seasoned driver, the SuperShield system will ensure safe and quick tarping operation for you.

Their easy installation and low-maintenance requirements make them the ideal choice!

No driver wants to drive under the stress of falling objects from the truck. Therefore, a good tarp system is a definite requirement for truckers. Fortunately, the SuperShield tarp system offers the flexibility of easy installation and simple maintenance, making it the perfect choice for haulers.

Apart from that, the Pulltarps SuperShield tarp system comes with corrosion-resistant housing, offers fully welded construction, and uses strategically designed mounting brackets. These features make the tarp system well-engineered, reducing maintenance needs and becoming a suitable option for haulers.

Top SuperShield Tarp System and Accessories Worth Your Investment!

Pulltarps offers one of the most reliable and efficient SuperShield tarp systems for trucks and trailers. The two most prominent powerhouse SuperShield tarp systems offered by Pulltarp are:

1.   SuperShield™ 9500 Automatic and Semi-Automatic Systems: Unrivaled strength for extended applications

When the road demands more, the SuperShield™ 9500 Systems step up to the challenge, delivering unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability to conquer every journey with confidence and ease. They are designed using fully-welded 12 gauge steel construction, which can accommodate up to 40 feet of truck bodies.

For the semi-automatic systems, the aluminum roller tube and external ratcheting allow for easy spring tension adjustment. The Automatic system also uses the aluminum roller tube in conjunction with an electric motor, which allows the driver to remain in the cab when covering or uncovering a load, easing his work.

The SuperShield tarp systems can utilize our selection of tarping materials to suit varied needs, including

  1. HD Mesh Tarps: These are vinyl-coated polyester mesh with an open weave that provides superior airflow and ensures heavy-duty protection for transporting materials.
  2. Super HD Mesh Tarps: The Super HD 18oz Mesh tarps feature robust construction with vinyl-coated polyester mesh fabric, boasting a double weave for superior strength and resilience. This heavy-duty mesh is engineered to withstand extreme conditions, making it ideal for applications requiring higher protection and maximum durability.
  3. 18oz Waterproof Vinyl Tarps: The 18oz. Waterproof vinyl tarps have a seamless and full-width design and are made using impermeable materials (PVC resin with additives) to deliver comprehensive protection against diverse weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and other environmental elements.
  4. 400-degree-rated Asphalt Vinyl Tarps: The 14oz. Asphalt vinyl tarps are coated with urethane and crafted to transport materials with high temperatures ranging up to 400 degrees, such as hot asphalt, for delivery to the job site.

2.   SuperShield 8500M System: Compact, Tough and Dependable

The SuperShield 8500M System stands as a powerhouse, meticulously crafted for unparalleled performance on smaller dump truck bodies up to 14 feet. This semi-automatic tarp system is the epitome of strength and durability, featuring fully welded 12-gauge steel construction for optimal protection against falling debris.

Its radiused housing enhances strength and is powder-coated, offering exceptional corrosion resistance. The versatile design allows for over-the-top applications, and the vertical back ensures a flush mount with the cab shield.

SuperShield™ Accessories

1.   Chrome Motor Cover

A replacement cover for Pulltarps® 1.3 HP 12V Electric Motor, complete with one cover and accompanying mounting hardware for seamless installation.

2.   Load Climber Kit

Pulltarps’ Load Climbers elevate the pull bar above heaped loads, preventing it from digging into peaked loads and ensuring easy tarping and coverage for tarping systems.

3.   Asphalt Load Climber Kit

The Asphalt Load Climber, rated for up to 495 degrees Fahrenheit, prevents tarps from snagging in heaped loads and offers a heat-resistant solution for efficient asphalt transport.

4.   Arm Catcher Kit

Pulltarps Arm Catchers provide a noise-reducing and wind-sail prevention solution, acting as a “semi-lock” to hold arm tubes in place during system operation.

5.   Tarp Tamer

The Tarp Tamer’s fixed roller secures the front of the tarp and prevents materials from blowing out of the trucks during transportation.

Experience the Pulltarps Difference with SuperShield Accessories!

PullTarps’ SuperShield accessories and tarp system offer high versatility, unmatched durability, and innovation that redefine the tarping experience. When you choose Pulltarps SuperShield tarp system, you choose excellence. Therefore, invest in quality, invest in Pulltarps for optimal performance of your trailer tarp.

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