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The Benefits of Using Mesh Tarps on Dump Trucks and Trailers

By Pulltarps Marketing | November 28, 2023

In today’s world of heavy hauling, having a good and reliable dump trailer tarp is imperative for process efficiency, safety, and cargo protection. Whether transporting sand, gravel, or debris from construction sites, having the right trailer tarp can make a world of difference.

Among several available options, mesh tarps are usually the most preferred choice because of the wide array of benefits they offer. Hence, this blog delves into the world of mesh tarps and will unveil why mesh traps are so prevalent. Let us begin!

Why Use Mesh Tarps for Your Dump Truck Tarp System?

Mesh tarps offer a highly innovative and versatile solution for truck & trailer owners to amplify their tarp efficiency. The following are some of the vital reasons that set Pulltarps mesh tarps apart from their competitors and make them the best choice as a dump trailer tarp kit:

1. Mesh Tarps Offer Superior Load Security

Mesh Tarps for Your Dump Truck TarpHaving phenomenal load security is certainly the fundamental reason why people love buying and using mesh tarps. They are designed purposefully with a focus on preventing debris and other loose materials from falling out of the trailer during transport. This becomes super-important when you are transporting materials like landscaping materials, rocks, or gravel. The mesh structure of the tarp helps the materials stay in place. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of accidents and vehicle damage.

2. Mesh Tarps Being Breathable Improves Ventilation

Mesh tarps offer great breathability with their mesh structure, resulting in better air circulation of the cargo. If you are a farmer and frequently need to transport your products from farms to the markets, mesh tarps are your ideal solution. With better airflow, mesh tarps allow landscaping materials to stay in place. Agriculture trucks also appreciate mesh tarps for airflow to earthen materials.

3. Reduced Wind Resistance Results in Better Efficiency

One of the best features of the mesh tarps is their ability to be less susceptible to wind resistance because they maintain less surface area. Unlike solid tarps that flutter and get torn in the winds, mesh tarps work exceptionally in windy weather. Mesh tarps are also lighter in weight than heavy duty vinyl tarps. This better output that the mesh tarp produces also impacts the fuel economy and results in better overall savings.

4. Enhanced Durability & Longevity

Mesh TarpsDump trailer tarp systems go through rigorous wear during their life on the job. Job sites are frequently around rugged materials and heavy machinery. Frequent use results in worsening conditions over time. However, with mesh tarps, there is less stress on the tarp.

Pulltarps tarps are made of high-quality mesh and vinyl that can effortlessly withstand the rigors of the road. The high longevity of our tarps is an excellent indication that they are the best tarps to buy for prolonged use.

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5. Easy Maintenance Routine

Mesh tarps are easy to maintain. As the structure is web-based, the tarp does not accumulate dust and dirt that easily. The mesh structure makes it easy to clean the tarp as dust gets worn off from the open ends. A tarp system with a mesh tarp from Pulltarps is one of the easiest to maintain and offers excellent results of lesser downtime and more efficient operations.

6. Mesh Tarps are an Economical Solution

As mentioned in the blog, mesh tarps are the best solution when financial costs are your concern. They offer durability, fuel efficiency, and longevity, making them ideal for substantial savings over time. In addition, they typically cost less than an asphalt tarp or a waterproof vinyl tarp. The low maintenance needs of the mesh tarp is an added advantage that makes the investment reasonably practical.

7. Versatility & Compatibility are the Ways of Mesh Tarps

One of the significant advantages of using a mesh dump trailer tarp system is its versatility. Being highly flexible, the mesh tarps can be used to cover all kinds of materials on all classes of dump trailers and trucks. You just need to attach the tarp to the roller tube and secure the tarp to the pullbar or crossbar. A mesh tarp fits perfectly on all your trucks, making it a suitable use case for people with a fleet or multiple dump trucks.

8. Mesh Tarps are Safe Against UV Rays

Though the job of a tarp can often include protecting the cargo from unsuitable weather conditions, they often can wear through and develop abrasions. While some of the more solid tarps are preferred for UV protection, their extensive exposure to the sunlight results in a shorter life span. However, mesh tarps are safer in this aspect.

9. Mesh Tarps Puts Least Impact on the Environment

Compared to the alternatives, the mesh tarp is the least environmentally impactful. The open weave design of the mesh provides superior ventilation. Moreover, the lower weight of the mesh decreases the energy requirements for their production and transport.

10. Mesh Tarps Go with the Compliances

Modern-day regulations require the use of tarps on dump trucks and trailers to prevent debris from littering roadways and causing accidents in many states. Mesh tarps are an excellent solution for this as they comply with these regulations. Hence, apart from the great protection, mesh tarps can also help avoid potential fines and maintain road safety.


A mesh dump trailer tarp system comes with remarkable advantages like higher load security, better fuel economy, reduced wind resistance, and much more. So, opting for a mesh dump trailer tarp kit is an economical and responsible choice. Explore the wide range of tarps we have in our store. Go to the Store!