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Protect Your Dump Truck – Loader & Truck Damage on the Job

By Pulltarps Mfg | April 23, 2020

Dump trucks and their accessories can easily become damaged while working in the construction industry. Truck boxes and tarp systems can be broken with one faulty drop. The most common repairs we see are the arm elbows getting side-swiped and the roller tube getting crushed by the aggregate that is dropped into or onto the truck box. Our competitors often use cheap, aluminum housing that can easily get destroyed in the construction industry. Pulltarps takes pride in making durable systems for heavy duty use; our steel housing protects the roller tube from damage better than any other systems in the industry.


Pulltarps SuperShield – The Most Durable System Available

This is the strongest, most durable tarp system available in the industry. Made to cover heavy-duty operations, the SuperShield is the choice for most contractors and construction managers. There are many advantages to the SuperShield System, the biggest being its durability. The fully-welded 12 gauge steel construction offers the best protection from falling debris. Available in Automatic and Semi-Automatic tarp systems, the SuperShield is our premium and most durable system.


Available Systems:

Steel Protector – Cover Your Load

The Steel Protector works with all types of dump trucks. The galvanized steel housing and end plates protect your tarp system from any falling debris, which ensures your system works for years and years. The Steel Protector includes a steel bolt-in spring shaft anchor and mounting brackets. Many people choose to use this dump truck tarp system because it is economical and lasts many years. The Steel Protector+ semi-automatic truck tarp system holds 28′ of tarp and covers you for all state laws and regulations.


Available Systems:

X-Pando EZ Fit – Adjustable Steel Housing Fits Any Truck

Pulltarps also offers the X-Pando EZ Fit tarp system, which includes galvanized steel housing and offers excellent protection from loader damage. The X-Pando’s steel housing has the ability to fit any truck between 78″ – 100″. We see many truck owners pick the X-Pando if they have a unique size truck box. The X-Pando is also available as an Automatic System with a 1.3 hp electric motor and in-cab 12V Smart Switch.


Available Systems:

RVS Camera – Protect Your Investment

Contractors need to be sure their systems are up to code and ready to operate at any time. If your truck gets damaged and requires repairs, this could keep you out of work for a while. If you are frequently using and maneuvering your truck, then we suggest mounting an RVS SimpleSight Camera to watch your truck’s back. Many accidents and vehicle damage occur when reversing; while some truck damage may be minor, other types of damage can be major, and may even render the truck unusable, or, in the definition of the insurance company, “totaled.” It’s wiser to oversee and protect your truck from the mistakes of others.


Available Systems: