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Pulltarps’ New Roller Tube design

By Pulltarps Mfg | October 27, 2021









Pulltarps has a new Roller Tube design!

The new tube design is an aluminum tube with two types of grooves that work universally with any type of tarp. The new roller tubes have a Keder Groove and Bolt-On tarp options and work with all Pulltarps tarps and tarp systems. The new roller tube will be in Pulltarps’ automatic and semi-automatic tarp systems, so no hand cranking is required, just a simple tug covers and uncovers your load. Pulltarps makes durable and reliable replacement parts for any tarp system.

The tarp bolts on or slides in and out of the Kedar grooves on the tube, making tarp removal and installation a snap. The new roller tubes are 100% backwards-compatible with our existing tarp systems and components, so you won’t have to buy any new components to work with this tarp system roller tube.

Pulltarps new roller tubes come in various sizes to work with any size of truck bed. The new roller tubes will work on Pulltarps automatic, electric tarp systems and our semi-automatic, pull tarp system. No matter where you mount your system housing, the roller tube will work either way. You can easily replace your roller tube with durable Pulltarps parts.








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